Ryuhei Yokoyama

He makes the works mainly of black-and-white photographs in the cities.
He participated in the establishment of Photography Magazine 81LAB. and CITYRAT press.
His main works are “TOKYO,UNTITLED.”, “Press the button of the camera like a drunken pianist do.”
Started the guerrilla photography exhibition “PIS” 2016.
2019 solo exhibition「WALL」Books OGAKI, Kyoto
2017 solo exhibition KG+ KYOTOGRAPHIE SATELLIET EVENT "Silence and Stillness" , Jyunpu Elementary School, Kyoto
group exhibition 「CITYRAT press」Place M , Tokyo
2016 「Gogh’s Old Boots」Kitahama alley, Kagawa
group exhibition, “Ryuhei Yokoyama + Shinichiro Uchikura”, Ryokkou Marute/ Taichu Taiwan
2014 group exhibition, “KG+"galleryMain and GALLERY 9 kyoto" archives" at gallery 9, Kyoto
2013 solo exhibition, "SILENCE" at Gallery main , Kyoto
2012 solo exhibition, "A city and things , Repetition/Update" at Gallery main , Kyoto
group exhibition "Kyoto Current Exhibition Vol. 4" at the Annex of the Kyoto Art Museum , Kyoto
2011 group exhibition, "A city and things" at "Fanatic Monochrome",
"Exploration of Monochrome Expressions Through Art" and the Bachelor of Visual Arts at Osaka Seikei University ,Kyoto
group exhibition 「81LAB 5th aniversary」Athens shinsaibashi , Osaka
2009 group exhibition 「A ROAD」 at 81LAB gallery and gallery la galerie , Osaka
2008 solo exhibition, "29℃ 12minuts , The end of film burnt" 81LAB.GALLERY , Osaka
2006 participated in issuing “Photography Magazine 81LAB." as the art director published the photograph collection, "Press the button of the camera like a drunken pianist do" also held the solo exhibition with the same title as the photograph collection at the main store of Aoyama Book Center and Jiyugaoka Branch , Tokyo
2005 solo exhibition, "About a street and other pictures" Library lounge THESE , Tokyo
2004 solo exhibition, "Far from Images" Library lounge THESE , Tokyo
2016 published the photograph collection, "After all, the streets continue like lyrics written by rat in the city."
2014 published the photograph collection, "The brief 'graffiti-like' history - The story of the city with light and still objects, as vulnerable as that graffiti left out in the open."
2006 published the photograph collection, "Press the button of the camera like a drunken pianist do"
2003 published the photograph collection, "TOKYO, UNTITLED
And some other works for group exhibitions.